And………we’re done

I took a break the last two weeks. It was too close, and yet still not done.  In the past two weeks, I got my stitches out from NBD, and went to visit my Mom.  It’s been a long year.

Today was my last chemo.  Phew, all done! It looks like all my tests are saying I’m clear.  I just go back in a month for a checkin, then in three, and then in six.  So, pretty much, all done.  It has been a long year.

Next step celebration at mainline billiards and raise some money for ACS.  Stay healthy!

Twirling Tassles?

Last week was not a posting week.  With NBD last Tuesday, there was just a little too much perkaset and sleeping to post.  Today was my 2nd to last mini chemo and tomorrow with a little luck, I get the stitches out from the swap out.  Mostly the pain is gone and I just have a great itch.

These inserts are behind my chest wall which is a muscle.  The expansion routine was all about stretching the muscle out so it would hold the inserts in place.  Now that the gel packs are in, they feel a little lighter than those water bags.  They are also a lot less like hard bricks, which is pretty cool.

So what happens when you train muscles to hold something really heavy, and then replace it with something really light? Today has been a pretty good  day, with a lot less pain and all that. Something startled me at work today and I tensed up.  Normally, not a big deal, but I caught a movement of something flying to my chin out of the bottom of my eye.  Ooh   that is different, my chest muscles now can make really odd things happen that is pretty visible, even through clothes!  I am betting with a little practice, I could certainly twirl some tassles!  Another opportunity I never  expected.  I think M might be happy.

Counting, counting, counting

Less than a week is NBD.  Two more chemos.  4 months to North Penns relay for life.  Right now it seems everything is a count down.  The best one will be no more chemos.  I think I’ll add in a happy hour for just after no more chemos.  So then we have:

  • 6 days — the great swapout (aka nbd)
  • 5 weeks – last chemo
  • 5 weeks and two days – happy hour
  • 4 months – north Penn relay

Woo hoo!

Hugging, not a core competency

So one thing that has happened with this whole cancer thing is I’ve gotten a lot better at hugging.  It isn’t that I don’t like to hug, it’s more like I’m not really good at it.  Luckily, I’ve had much more opportunities to build this competency over the last year.

Mostly, it’s been good.  Folks usually give me a heads up that one is coming my way, so I don’t come off like Sheldon, and I remember to pat. It’s actually pretty nice, it is supportive, and it makes me feel better, especially when it’s been a rough time.  Still, sometimes it feels a little awkward.  The oddest ones are when another natural non-hugger feels compelled to give me a squeeze.

So, today, I was happy to find out no more fill ups.  My pretty doc and I talked about me being done and what the swap out surgery would entail.  Woo hoo! Two weeks.  He went through the options and details and then congratulated me on getting through it all.  That was lovely.  Then, oh no, he went in for the hug.  Ack! A fellow non-hugger doing the right thing.  Lean in, double back pat, and lean away.  Phew, not too awkward, and I remembered the obligatory pats.  Now we just have one more step. NBD is in two weeks!



NBD is just around the corner

Tomorrow should be my last last fill up, for the third time.  My first last fill up was just about a month ago.  I had to travel for work and the pretty doc was taking a vacation.  I had to make a last check in appointment where we might have to do a top off.  That was last week, my second last fill up.  Then, I had to make just one more last appointment, where, really, I might just need a top off.

I have the swap out scheduled and the surgical check in scheduled too.  We are kind of out of time, unless we need to reschedule everything.  Bleh,  this has been my least favorite part of the process.  I can’t wait to get rid of these water bags!

So, New Boob Day is about three weeks away, woo hoo!